SKS Props Shows Us How to Make Superhero Body Chest Armor

SKS Chest Armor

We watch a lot of cosplayers & cosplay builders. One of our favorites to watch is SKS Props. Steven K. Smith makes some fantastic builds and shows us how to create them ourselves from beginning to end. He builds everything from basic props to full scale armor. Along the way, he frequently gives us valuable tips and tricks on building, painting and tools. All of which he gives us for free.

SKS is also behind the cosplay crafting foam that we all love to use. Steve put a lot of time and effort into sourcing the ideal foam for cosplay crafting. This is great lightweight stuff that be be molded, formed, sanded, and painted.

In his latest video, Steve creates a piece of body chest armor that can be used for a variety of characters – from superheroes to SWAT team members on your favorite video game. In this case, he is using it for Red Hood, but a few minor variations in the final touches and the sky is the limit.

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Armor Template
Bob Smith Industries 1 Oz Insta-Cure+ Gap Filling Super Glue
Bob Smith Industries BSI-151H Insta-Set Super Glue Accelerator,Clear, 2 fl. oz
Bob Smith Industries BSI-161H UN-CURE Super Glue Debonder, 1 oz.,Clear
HD Foam Dowels
SKS HD Foam Sheets
SKS Foam Clay

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