“Tea and Consent” Video Is Excellent Analogy For the Cosplay World

Cosplay is not consent feature

Cosplay, conventions, Dungeons & Dragons the world formerly belonging to the nerds and geeks has gone mainstream. Cosplay is more popular than ever and cosplay based events have grown.

There have always been the comic conventions, but now there are so many more opportunities to wear a costume. There are themed events for people to show up in costume, cosplay charity events, photos shoots, or even groups of friends getting together to reenact a favorite anime or show scene. It’s a great time to be a fan of all things nerd or geek. You can now freely express your love for a favorite character, film, tv show, a mash-up, or even an original character.

There is however, a dark side to this popular hobby. Within any group you have those that chose to step outside the boundaries of courtesy. We’ve covered articles about these people before. In “You Don’t Want to be a Cosplay Creeper” we let people what they might be doing that would earn them the title of creeper. And, in “Who are the Ones Most Responsible for Cosplay Harassment?” we tell you how everyone can improve the situation. I the end, all boils down to one word ‘consent‘.

This video is not truly about consent in the cosplay world, but it is a great analogy for Consent in general.

The original video produced for Consentiseverything.com. This video is courtesy of Thames Valley Police. Animation courtesy of Emmeline May at rockstardinosaurpirateprincess.com and Blue Seat Studios, Copyright © 2015 to those same parties.

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Original Article posted on PopCultHQ.com in 2016

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